Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Croc Lessons

As my kids study the concept of environmental footprints, we often compare our lives in Canada to our lives in Uganda.  Yesterday the truth about western consumption hit home through the lesson of the Croc.  The girls brought Crocs to Uganda as a practical, washable kind of footwear and we have indeed got what we considered our moneys-worth out of them.  A couple of weeks ago first one Croc and then another was ripped and left to sit on the shoe rack awaiting disposal.  After all they weren't really much use right?  Enter our ever enthusiastic laundry lady who asked me "Aunt do you want me to take to get fixed?"  "Really," was my surprised response.  "How much would that cost?"  "1000//=" (the equivalent of 40 cents).  And so yesterday the Crocs came back stitched up with sturdy thread ready for more footsteps on Ugandan soil.  Necessity has taught my friends well.  It's a lesson western environmentalists might take to heart.


  1. We westerners surely have much to learn about what is valuable. There is no doubt that having money clouds ones thinking.
    Uncle Rod

  2. Aw, come-on give me a break! ;-) Growing up in Oregon we always took our everyday shoes to the "shoe repairman" to have a new heel or leather sole nailed or sewed on.
    Bob--the Grump--Jewell