Wednesday, June 4, 2014

On Being Content

Apologies once again from this absentee blogger.  Life has been busy and moments of reflection rare. So in no particular order hear are a few ramblings from the last month(!) of life.

May brought first term school holidays for the children who attend our schools. Most afternoons I tutored children from our family group.  As well as working on reading and math, we baked, made bracelets and talked.

One topic that often surfaces is life in 'America.'  Despite our valiant attempts to maintain our national identity most still think of us as Americans.  The fascination with life in America often saddens me.  The images they see in the media translate in their minds to wealth and happiness and blind them to the richness of community that they 'possess' here.  My own kids chimed in during these conversations explaining that life is not 'freer' or 'better' somewhere else.  The human propensity to see greener grass on the other side of the fence is best challenged by jumping over the fence.  I'm thankful that we've had that opportunity and seen that true contentment comes not from our possessions or locality but from knowing the One who works all things for our good.

The nature of true contentment was also brought home to me last Friday as Aunt Ketty, our staff member who was undergoing cancer treatment in Nairobi, retuned to New Hope.   Her course of radiation and chemotherapy has gone well and she will take a few weeks break before resuming treatment .  On Friday staff, school children and her husband and seven children stood at the gate to welcome her home.  As the car drove up we burst into cheers and our eyes filled with tears as we watched her three year old son being passed through the window to her open arms.  Watching this families' journey has taught us all so much.

Added to the month of May have been teacher training sessions, a foreign staff retreat, care for a missionary family who are dealing with serious health issues, and the list goes on.  We pray each day for wisdom to choose the right priorities and strength to press on.

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