Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Stamp

July 18th:
 David began the process to acquire a Ugandan driving permit some weeks ago.  Common to all government bureaucracies the process is anything but straightforward.  The run around from one office to another was torturous.  "I'm sorry ssebo (sir) but you need the stamp from that office before coming to this office."  "I'm sorry, you need a photocopy of this form before coming here." (Interestingly the photocopy shop is housed right beside to take advantage no doubt of all the business).  "I'm sorry you need the stamp from a health clinic to certify your health before coming to this office."  A 'kind' man will conduct you to a clinic for your 'check-up' for a fee of course. The long lines at each of these offices combined with all the security checks at each place adds up to lots and lots of time.  You can of course pay to have someone spend several days undergoing this torturous process on your behalf.  However, there's enough determination and penny pinching Scot mentality in David to endure several days of this adventure and he finally acquired his temporary driving permit. Oh he'll have to go in two weeks to pick up the real thing.  Wonder what stamp you need for that?

Postscript:  Aug 13th
David picked up his permit last Fri. and now has an official Ugandan driving license!

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  1. And I thought the Ontario Ministry of Transportation was bad!