Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Market Moments

Apologies again for being absent for so long.  I realised recently that I had written this a while ago but never got it posted so although it's quite out of date here it is.

It’s market day in Kiwoko and we’re in town restocking after our month back in Canada.  It’s always the part of the week when I feel I’m really in Africa.  No Superstore with it’s mind-boggling selection of goods, no credit card pin number to remember and no desperate search in the parking lot to find one’s vehicle.  As I dodge bicycles and bodas (motorcycles) I hear a cheery voice calling out.  “You were lost!” It is one of our favourite vegetable vendors her face lit up with a smile from ear to ear.  She speaks enough English for us to explain that we’d been away in Canada. We negotiate the price of a cabbage, sweet potatoes, and pineapples and receive her grateful thanks. 

As I wait for David to emerge from the depth of the ‘hardware’ shop I witness another classic market moment.  Coming towards me is a tall man dressed immaculately in a black suit with sweat pouring down his face.  He is not only wearing a suit but has about ten more suit jackets draped around his shoulders. The temperature must be over 30 degrees and I marvel at the determination of this travelling salesman.  It almost made me want to buy one to give this guy some relief.  A few minutes later the sky filled with dark clouds and the mad scramble to cover goods began.  As the rain began to fall I hoped the suit guy had found a place to shelter.  Maybe after the downpour someone might actually want a nice black suit.

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  1. yay, good to have an update! love your description of the market.