Saturday, November 22, 2014

Musings from Mom

Everyone tells you that children grow up so fast but from time to time the reality hits home.  There's no denying it when the oldest daughter heads off to do prison visitation and a medical outreach without Mom or Dad and the younger daughter travels with a group of people for a 22 hour round trip to south western Uganda to attend a burial.  The girls have shared more about these adventures on their blog pages but it was a pretty noteworthy week in this Mom's life.
Left at home to pray and wait for the stories to be told, I realized that this is what the future is going to look like more and more.  It is exciting to see their hearts for the people we are living among and their gifts and talents being developed but a little bittersweet that I'm not there to see it. And the youngest - well he just won the last two games of Settlers. When you can beat Dad and your sisters there's no doubt you're growing up!

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  1. What a lovely photo. Thanks Cathie for your honesty, thankful with you that Catriona and Christina are so involved with people and seeking to glorify God, but yes I can imagine too the poignancy of recognising that they are increasingly independent. I've had to google Settlers so can only say I'll be asking John for help.