Thursday, December 18, 2014

'Home' for Christmas

As the Christmas season approaches many of us
think of going home to visit family and friends. It is no different here. December is the time for 'moving' as staff and children at our centre leave to visit relatives.  Our ministry seeks to have the children maintain contact with family in a culture where family ties are so important. While many of the children approach this time with anticipation, there are others who are very apprehensive.  This past week as we said good-bye to some of them that sense of apprehension was palpable.  They venture into the unknown; some to relatives hostile to their faith, and others to situations where the reminders of all they have lost will be stirred up again.

Then there are our precious special needs children who we pray will be cared for as they should be.  At times my heart also breaks for those who desperately want to go but who have nowhere safe to go.  As with much that goes on in orphan care there are no easy answers.  What is 'best' is often far from clear and so we commit these lives into the hands of the One who knows all things, trusting that He knows what is best.

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  1. Two more lovely photos Cathie of beautiful young people, thank you, but also a reminder of the pain and complexity in the lives of so, so many. No easy answers, but love and walking alongside is such a precious thing too.