Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Ready for Christmas!

Excitement is bubbling up around us as we look forward to celebrating Christmas together tomorrow.

We've had lots of fun decorating cookies with our friends big and little and loved their descriptions of the cookie cutters.  Those festive ornaments did you know they're actually 'Christmas pots,' and those bells with fancy bows well those are 'Christmas dresses.'

 This morning we got a kick out of watching Oboi carrying the Christmas chicken on his crutches.  (Oboi is from our Kobwin site but is staying here at Kasana while he recovers from surgery on his leg).  Full of spunk he brings a smile to our faces every time we see him.  So even as we miss friends and family back home we are reminded of how blessed we are to have so many friends around us here rejoicing together at the birth of our Saviour.

1 comment:

  1. great smiles! it's humbling to see such joy and such gratitude in the faces of your little friends