Thursday, February 12, 2015


A feature of life that continues to overwhelm me is the quiet generosity of the people we live among.  Not long after the year began a lady who had helped us with laundry turned up on the doorstep with a bag of sweet potatoes from her garden.  "For you," she said.  "I remember how Uncle Dave loves sweet potatoes."  A few days later a neighbour brought bananas to the door and then a week or so ago our sponsor child turned up on the doorstep with a chicken.  Sent by his grandmother as a gesture of thankfulness I accepted this present with the knowledge of what it cost a family who are living with so little.

Our neighbours kindly housed and slaughtered the bird for us and then we gathered with them on their porch for a shared meal of chicken, matoke, g-nut sauce, rice and cabbage. 
Many laughs and stories were shared as I reflected how the generous spirit behind this gift had brought joy to many.   

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  1. A lovely photo and an even lovelier reminder of where true values lie, thanks.