Saturday, March 14, 2015

Future Brick Layer?

We spent some time last week at another of New Hope's children's centres in Kobwin.  Originally this centre took in former child soldiers who had been abducted by the Lord's Resistance Army (a group which terrorized this part of Uganda for many years).  We always love visiting here and this time was no exception.  We are always embraced and welcomed whole-heartily into whatever activities are going on.

 This time John and two of his pals from Kasana were invited to join the brick laying class which happens every Monday.  Providing the children with these vocational skills is a large part of their education.

 Uncle Julius was a very kind and patient teacher and John's invited back any time for further training.  

The girls had another cooking lesson from Auntie Christine.

 This time they learned how to make 'ebo' a traditional sauce of g-nuts and greens.  It is delicious served over rice or 'attapa' (millet) another traditional dish.

 We were so blessed to be among these people of faith yet again.  As you can see David and Uncle Charles even have matching shirts so we must belong!

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  1. great photos, and looks an amazing place of hope.