Saturday, March 14, 2015

Happy Birthday Girls

It's March which in the Morton household means birthday time for girls.  Hard to believe they turned 17 and 15 this year.  I loved their little brother's comment. "They're too young to be that old."  That's exactly how I feel too!  As we watch them grow, we are amazed by the ways in which life in Uganda these past three years has shaped them.  Part of the joy for us as parents is seeing how they have embraced life here in all it's joys and sorrows and managed to navigate the challenges of living in another culture with such grace.  It's been important for them to have close friends their own age who are also living cross-culturally and those bonds of friendship have become strong.  Here are a few photos of the girls with their 'kindred spirits,' to quote Anne of Green Gables.

We spent a weekend in Jinja to celebrate the girls' birthdays.  Here is Christina with her Dad. No doubt which side of the family she takes after.  Below you can see the remains of a milkshake, a very special birthday treat and Christina reading birthday 'texts.'  Yes she's a teenager.  Interestingly enough David and I had never sent a text in our lives before coming to Uganda.

 Here are the girls thrilled to be jumping into a swimming pool with their friends.

Then it was home to Kasana for a very special surprise birthday breakfast for Catriona.  Her friend Kara surprised her later in the day with another party with all her little friends in Treasures Class and Special Needs.  She loved every minute of it.

Two C's, Two K's.
Two Canadians, Two Americans.
Four special friends.

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  1. yes, beautiful to see such loving friendship, it is so evident in the photos. glad you had such happy birthdays!