Saturday, March 14, 2015

Road Trips

Road trips in Uganda invariably include many of the features of road trips everywhere. There's the initial thrill of going and then as the hours pass by the inevitable, "Are we there yet?" For years our family has played the alphabet game to pass time while travelling.  Spotting the letters of the alphabet in succession can be a frustrating business at times but there’s little doubt that it passes time.  Last week we think we cracked an all-time record by spotting all 26 letters in the space of about a minute while stuck in a traffic jam in Kampala.  Suzie’s Hair Boutique took care of 12 letters! 

Then there’s road food.  Our kids are always excited about the prospect of ‘chicken on a stick,’ or ‘chicken in your face’ as others like to call it.  Roasted chicken on a pointed wooden skewer is sold along the roadside by vendors.  As you pull up along the road groups of vendors surround the car thrusting chicken literally in your face.  The $3.00 price is well worth it.  Swiss Chalet doesn’t need to worry though, because those pointed sticks would no doubt be considered a safety hazard in North America.  

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  1. ooh, these chicken sticks sound delicious!!