Monday, March 30, 2015

The Agenda

One feature that permeates most gatherings we attend is the agenda.  Whether it be a quick meeting to discuss a proposed trip, a dinner party to bid farewell to a colleague, or a birthday party, there is usually a formal agenda which is read out or posted.  It was no surprise then to find an agenda posted on a chalkboard when we went to a visiting day at a secondary school recently. 
Our secondary school ends at S4 (Grade 10 equivalent) and so our students are often sponsored to attend other schools to complete S5 and S6.  These schools arrange visiting days where parents can travel to visit their child, receive an update on their progress and discuss issues with the staff at the schools.  An added bonus for the young people is that parents often bring food as a treat.  We decided to attend one of these days in part to transport some mothers and grandmothers to see their children, and also to touch base with some of the young people we've been involved with during our time here. 
We thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon.  Not only did we get to tour the school including the dormitory, we also were able to witness the big smiles of joy as mothers and grandmothers were reunited for a few hours.  Then it was off to the parents' meeting which was a fascinating study in public relations.  The agenda was followed closely with parents concerns addressed in a open forum.  

It was encouraging to hear from the head mistress of the influence one of our New Hope sons (middle of the picture) is exerting as 'head boy.'  As well as his studies and other duties he regularly schedules worship services in this school.  

Following the meeting we adjourned to a spot on the grass to enjoy a first class picnic with the New Hope students.  I had made the cake. The other women had prepared and carried rice, potatoes, g-nut sauce, matoke, meat, cabbage ... We had a wonderful time sharing this banquet and chatting.  Our own agenda included being an encouragement and we came away being encouraged. That's often the way of things.

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  1. Thanks, what a privilege to peek over your shoulder as it were at these events.