Sunday, May 31, 2015

On the Road to Mekele

The following day we began an overland journey to Mekele.  We chose this route to get a better sense of the region where Dad had worked years ago.  So come along and join the road trip from Axum to Mekele via Adigrat.  Pictures don't do it justice but will hopefully give you some sense of the landscape.

Terracing along the mountain side to prevent soil erosion. 

One of the things we most enjoyed about Ethiopia were the juice bars.  Here we are in Adigrat enjoying a mango and avocado smoothie along with delicious flat bread

A local market along the road side.  Note the donkeys in the foreground; the favoured beast of burden in Ethiopia.

We stopped at a cave church hewn out of rock above ground level.  There are several in this region many of which can only be reached by a steep climb.  This particular church had suffered fire damage in an attempt to destroy it but the paintings were still remarkable to see.

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  1. Avocado smoothie with lime, oh I can almost taste it again! And I love the photos - of the landscape, but especially of the old priest.