Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Box of Beans

I've written before about how the spirit of generosity I've observed in the people around us has so often left me speechless.  Bounty is shared as an expression of shared community.  Last week I was humbled again when our sponsor's child's mother arrived at the door with a box of beans.  It's a long time until her main food crops will be harvested and so for the last little while they've been struggling to feed themselves as they wait for the harvest.  So when I saw her at the door with the beans I hardly knew what to do.  My Ugandan friend who was visiting me at the time quickly came to the rescue.  "She wants to bless you aunt.  She has been blessed with beans and wants to share."  Over a cup of tea we chatted about the family and then away she went unaware that she had blessed me with so much more than beans.  I hope it's a lesson I will never forget.

As a footnote we have be so thankful for the way our local church here has come along side our sponsor child's family.  It is a community based model which is so much more effective in providing long term support. 

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  1. yet again your post brings tears to my eyes Cathie! I'm blessed too reading of the generosity of this lady.